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Telecommuting via Portable Secure OS.

Sometimes employees are obliged to work from home, hotel, or other non-office location. Their department traditionally issues a computer or laptop. This physical property is expensive, vulnerable to theft, and vulnerable to data theft & loss. Solution? A thumbdrive operating system that can be started up from any computer at the employee's disposal.


This idea is already being spearheaded by the US Air Force Research Laboratory & the U.S. Department Of Defense. The idea behind it is that government workers can use a CD-ROM or USB thumbdrive to boot into a tamper proof, pristine desktop environment when using insecure computers such as those available in hotels or a worker's own home.


These thumbdrives are setup to provide a secure VPN into the employee's agency. Projects would be saved on agency common drives so no saving to the host computer is needed. In fact these thumbdrives are usually setup so they can only reach out to the company or agency's VPN server.


This is a lot cheaper than issuing employees an entire computer, and far more secure than letting users install VPN software on their personal computers.

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* Lightweight Portable Security for general telecommuting use:



* Review of the software Lightweight Portable Security 1.2.1:





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