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Tech Support replaced with video tutorials (no costs, easy!)

Easy to do, the software is free, it takes minutes to do, and saves on hundreds of tech support work tickets! We spend money on "help desk" or "tech support" each time a staff puts in a call; a per call charge. Many of the calls are about the same issue. For example, in our region the issue our tech support got calls for the most was how to change and sync your lotus notes and windows password. I made a 2 minute "How To" video tutorial using a screen capture software that is available for free online. And it took me literally 2 minutes to make. The software recorded my computer screen and mouse movements and my voice, just like a webinar and it just walks you through it. Great learning tool. And you can pause, rewind, and watch again at your leisure if you forget a step. Instead of reading instructions, or listening to someone on your phone try and point you to the right place on your computer screen to click on, or spend money on a contractor to walk to your desk, these videos can be posted online. We all use the same programs and operating sytems for the most part so these videos can be useful to all agencies, all regions, and can save on many uneccissary help desk call charges. These videos can be made quickly and kept forever, they could even be fun! I already have several videos made such as: "how to set up and host a webinar" or "How to book a meeting and a conference room" or "How to use Lotus Notes". Also have you ever watched someone else at their computer do something and you said with surprise: "I didn;t know you could do that!" Well I also made several videos which cover short and quick ways to be more efficient and faster with your computer such as using shortcut keys and printscreen, "how to filter and go through your emails faster". I'd be happy to share the videos I made so far. We can start by getting data on what are the most called on issues, pick the top 10 and do a video of those. Then move on to the next 10 and so on.



Idea No. 6789