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Department of the Treasury


there are many ways to reduce spending.


1. Eliminate the IRS. The department itsself is not to blame but the lawmakers. Start the "FAIR TAX". Eliminate all federal, state and local taxes and have a national tax on every single item you purchase. Every single person in the United States would be paying taxes. This will include ILLEGALS, Tourists, Drug Dealers, and Gangsters.


2. totally revamp the life-cycle replacement program. I have had three new monitors in the last two years. Now imagine the average for each member of the federal government. Computer systems do not need to be replaced, most of the time you can do better if you upgraded the RAM.


3. Cut in half all foriegn aid and invest in solar panels. This is one of the cleanest forms of energy that will never depleat, and nobody can control it.


4. Do a study on all the closed military bases in the US and see how many empty barracks, and government housing there are and sell them to welfare recipients at a reduced rate in exchange for working at an assigned job. Give a tax break to the employer, as an incentive for hiring.


5. Health Care. I think doctors should write health care laws not politicians. Medicine is not an exact science. Eliminate the right to sue, unless it is a clear cut case of incompetence.


6. Eliminate the right that a congressman get 100% full salary for life for doing a couple years of work. If they make it to twenty years then they get 50% like the military.


7. Overhaul the Food and Drug Administration. Why is it that people can go to Mexica and Canada and get medicine at 1/4 of the cost?


8. Lastly, make it an amendment to the constitution that, you cannot spend more than comes in in taxes. If i bounce a check repeatedly i go to jail.



Idea No. 10231