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Tax Reform

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The Idea is simple Tax Reform, 1. Implement a flat tax, flat sales tax for America and American Businesses (E.g. “We the People” have the same taxes). This would go a long way in solving our National Debt and level the playing field for all Americans. For example EXXON reported third quarter profits of $131.13 Billion Dollars, at a hypothetical 10% tax rate that would be $13.14 Billion Dollars in Our Countries Coffers, and that’s just one company. 2. Eliminate the Alternative Minimum Tax this is double taxation for hard working Americans. 3. Stop Tax incentive programs for people that don’t work, for example in an interview with an accountant at a National tax firm, she had a number of persons filing taxes that did not pay any taxes last year received a refund checks upward of $15,000 dollars each. Although not a new idea, this type of tax reform would have a cascading effect saving Billions of dollars by reducing paperwork, reducing abuse of the system, reducing lost revenue, reducing the National Debt. Further, tax reform will help improve the economy by putting more money in taxpayer pockets (thus more spending), strengthen the standing of the United States in the Global economy via and improved Debt to Income Ratio.

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