Department of Education

Take Training to the Employees

Why not take the trainers to the employees. Currently for leadership programs, staff must travel to Washington, DC and stay for 1-2 weeks for orientation and then go back 2-3 times during the year long training. The total cost for one person for the training is upwards of $5,000.00. With this in mind, regional employees often do not have the same advantages as their HQ counterparts due to the cost of travel and the status of the budget. I propose that we take the trainers to the field and this way more people can be trained at a lower cost. Per diem in Wasington, DC is well over 250.00 per day, while per diem in other field locations is on 115.00 per day. Not only do we then make training available for more staff, we also cut the cost of transporting employees to the higher per diem locations and will be able to train more regional or field staff.



Idea No. 17917