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Take Advantage of Existing Healthcare Professionals

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Doctors, nurses and pharmacists who work at the FDA or other federal agencies are prohibited under the Dual Compensation Law from "moonlighting" at other federal healthcare facilities like National Naval Medical Center (DOD), NIH Clinical Center (HHS) or any of the Veterans Affairs (VA) hospitals. "Moonlighting" is a term used often by physicians and other patient care providers to describe the provision of medical care outside of normal core job responsibilities (typically nights or weekends) for extra pay and additional clinical experience. Because of the dual compensation law, highly trained government doctors, nurses and pharmacists who wish to moonlight are forced to take their expertise out of the government to hospitals and facilities in the private sector. However; government healthcare facilities are frequently in need of healthcare professionals and are often forced to recruit private sector physicians, nurses and pharmacists to fulfill mission critical weekend staffing needs. The recruitment costs, background checks, new government IDs and other costs are likely quite high. By adding an exception to the dual compensation law for government healthcare professionals who wish to "moonlight" at other government agencies outside of core hours, government facilities would realize a large savings in recruitment, background checks, ID badging, etc. while gaining access to a large pool of healthcare professionals to use in a flexible manner to staff off-hour shifts.

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