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A Government wide education program that brings energy awareness and conservation to each individual government worker and shows that individual what a difference they can make. We, the United States federal government need to lead by example. By putting forth the effort to educate and bring awareness to all federal workers, that each one of us makes a difference, we will be taking the steps to be greener and will not only be saving energy and costs but will be setting examples for everyone else to follow. This can be accomplished in a paperless fashion with the use of electronic media (E-mail, TV, Webinars, etc.).

I work for the Federal Bureau of Prisons in the facilities department as an Electrician and Electronics technician and have been the the Electrical field for over 25 years. I truly believe that the Power of One can make a difference and that by bringing this awareness to all federal employees to start, will make an astronomical difference in this country.

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