Department of the Treasury

TAPS Funding

Currently we have thousands of employees taking classes, earning degrees, and furthering their education with government funding. All employees taking classes using government funding should be on a mandatory Career Learning Path to re-invest the resources within the agency. The employees should also be in a database for recruitment purposes for jobs being announced that requires skills for the classes taken. Many employees have earned degrees, certificates, and valuable knowledge, only to remain in their current job level and usually utilize their skills in the private sector. This is a waste of taxpayers' funds. Recruitment should start within the IRS with our own employees for jobs they are qualified to do based on classes completed. The IRS does not allow the resources given to the employees through employer funded classes to be re-invested in the organization. Employees take these classes and invest the resources in the private sector for better job opportunities. Employer funded classes should be valuable to the organization or else it is just a waste of taxpayers' dollars. Please track these employees and make sure that recruitment for open vacancies start with employees who have utilized those funds. Millions of dollars are wasted when those resources are not re-invested in the organization.



Idea No. 18865