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Nuclear Regulatory Commission

System for Reporting Excess Travel Costs - The Start of Saving

Time and Time again, Federal Employees on official travel are charged more for flights, hotels, etc. than the average customer. There are several reason why this is the case...from the inability to use conventional travel sites(such as Kayak, expedia, etc) to the the fact that for some reason the fed just pays more. I think that there should be a government-wide system (preferably online/electronic) created for fed employees who travel to report all instances where they encounter unusually high travel costs along with the price difference, and a justficiation. This information can then be used to identify the common issues, rate contractors, and strategically institute the appropriate policies and procedures to save the taxpayers money.


If done correctly, within a year or two we should have enough information to begin identifying issues of concern.



Idea No. 5548