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Switch Coast Guard from Armed Service to Civil Service

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The Coast Guard being the only Armed Service to conduct peace time missions and the only Armed Service not apart of DoD, should be switched from military to civil service jobs. This could reduce cost by the the millions and only improve the Coast Guard Business of Law Enforcement and it's other 4 missions. As a DHS service entity, the Coast Guard could be allocated better and more responsible funding. Additionally, certain underway functions could be reduced by having a pool of people assigned to a certain area vs. a particular unit. This could greatly cut back on moving and relocation expenses, training expenses and other budget setbacks. Retire the standard uniform and only have uniforms for those conducting boardings or on call. All other employees could wear work appropriate attire.


This also keeps recruiting costs and down. The government could save billions of dollars by shutting down recruiting offices and only having 2 (East Coast and West Coast) hiring offices and could take applications on line.

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