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Suspicious Activity Reporting data systems

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Consolidate the number of unclassifed data systems used by the federal government to document and track reports of suspicious activity. Currently, the Department of Justice (DOJ) has funded two disparate data systems for suspicious activity reporting. These systems are known as eGuardian which is operated by the Federal Bureau of Investigations and the SAR Shared Space also known as the SAR vetting tool and operated by the Department of Homeland Security and is accessible through the DOJ Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) National Criminal Intelligence Resorce Center website.


These disparate systems do not enhance our national security, but reduces it by "stove-piping" information and fails to ensure the agency responsible for mitagating the potential threat has been notified and is involved in its investigation. Further, each of these systems require funding for development, operations and maintenance. Having one system to document and investigate suspcious activity reporting will increase timeliness and effectiveness of investigations, enhance analysis of SAR for the identification of potential "needle in a hay stack" type cases, and reduce uncessary redundacy and data errors concerning duplicate entries.

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