Department of Health and Human Services

Support Telework

Telework is championed as a winning solution to improving morale and efficiency in the government work place --employers benefit from more efficient use of time by employees, decreased costs of facilites, and an incentive to recruit and retain employees who might be otherwise tempted to work for the private sector; employees benefit by having an easier commute, decreased personal commuting costs, and less time in traffic and parking; and the environment and roads benefit by having less auto traffic in general. However, I don't see a lot of employers taking full advantage of this option. I know people who currently telework twice a week, but savings are not fully appreciated because these employees still retain their individual offices, multiple computers, etc. Government agencies should mandate telework in work settings that make sense (not a laboratory setting, for example), create shared work spaces instead of individual offices/cubicles for each employee, and maximize the use of new technology to assist in telework communication.



Idea No. 91