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i am new to the federal government, coming in I heard about how green we are and how we've been working hard to reduce the number of printers and the amount of paper we use. This is an outright pack of greenwash!


Since joining I have noticed that for every 6 cubes there is a printer! The office I left had one multi-function machine for 45 people, yet my new colleagues continue to go on and on about how much paper they need to print contracts and how dare they should have to wait for a printer. Which then requires physical file space!


I am swimming in files that increase our space needs, which in turn requires more lighting, heating and cooling. Which are the main components of the greenhouse gas emissions that EO 13514 mandates every agency reduce!


I have visited other agencies too like the Social Security Administration, where all of the records are on paper in banker boxes. Did you know that when a file is needed from the SSA data set a request goes to one of a few locations then the files are pulled and fedexed to the requester. The requester then keeps the files until they are done in turn fedexing them back for filing. Millions of square feet for storage, thousands of hours of time, millions of miles in air travel and lots of paper could be overcome by simply digitizing those records.



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