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Stop allowing illegal aliens to get free medical thru Medicare and Medicaid. If they don’t have a birth certificate and a valid social security card, they don’t receive a free handout.


Stop pork barrel spending.


Stop inmates from receiving tax returns, pensions, VA benefits, etc., at both the State and Federal level.


Cap the limit on family sizes that receive benefits such as food stamps, social security, welfare and free medical. Stop paying for women to continue to have children that they can’t afford and they need to depend on the government for support. Stop making the taxpayers continue to pay and pay, just to support the women who stay at home and get free handouts.


Stop developing and supporting foreign countries after disasters and war. Others do not help when the US is in crisis. Use the money to support programs in the US. This could include programs such as education, Veterans and the homeless.


Make people who receive benefits such as food stamps, unemployment, welfare, etc., perform community service for the cities and towns that they live in. They need to repay for the free handout that they get. If they can’t work, then the benefits stop. This will help the cities and towns by supplying cheap labor, especially when the cities and towns are financially strapped.

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