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Superior Performance Award-eliminate copy of rating to process

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Justification in VA Handbook 5017 Part I Appendix A requires a "complete copy of the employee's performance appraisal or proficiency report...including if submitted, a copy of the employee's self-assessment" to process an Superior Performance Award. Suggest with the new electronic Official Personnel File (eOPF) being implemented and the Performance Appraisal/Proficiency now being scanned into the employee record that the electronic copy in the employee's Electronic Official Personnel File be used as the "justification" for processing the award in lieu of making a copy of the Performance Appraisal/Proficiency and self assessement for the award files. This would eliminate the additional cost of paper copies, ink, manhours, disposal of confidential files, all being necessary at some point to either generate the copy of the performance appraisal/proficiency or destroy the performance appraisal/proficiency, which is coded and scanned into the eOPF at the end of the rating period. If not a consideration as a facility has a backlog on scanning of performance appraisals/proficiencies, then the performance appraisal/proficiencies should accommodate the award form, and at the time of the technical review of the performance appraisal/proficiency the technical reviewer could initial off on the award which denotes that an appraisal/proficieny was viewed and is acceptable to process the award. The award could be processed and the performance appraisal/proficiency could then be coded/scanned into the eOPF. If we are going electronic, go electronic all the way. Keep moving forward.

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