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Department of Homeland Security

Streamlining the Immigration Court Process

I am a student volunteer at Immigration and Customs Enforcement in one of the Offices of the Principal Legal Advisor. We have Notices To Appear (in court) sent to us - thousands of them. Our shelves become full, and we are not able to attempt to approve many NTAs for over 2 years (this is for non-detained cases only).


It is not efficient for the many CBP/ICE offices in our district to send all the NTAs to one central office - the OPLA office - to be found "legally sufficient". Instead, I suggest having people trained to approve NTAs as "legally sufficient" in all of the district's CBP/ICE offices. Then, NTAs would come in from the agents/officers, go straight to the legal reviewer who's already in the same office, and then straight to the presiding court to be mailed out to the aliens. Enacting this would prevent backlogging, speed up court dates, and get criminal aliens out of the country in a more timely manner.


It does not take much training to teach people to approve NTAs. I am just a student volunteer who has only been in the office for a short time, and finding NTAs to be "legally sufficient" has been my primary responsibility for the past few weeks. You do not need to be a lawyer; agants who already work in the CBP/ICE offices could be trained to do it.



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