Department of Homeland Security

Streamline the removal process

It takes way too much time and effort to remove an employee from federal service. The process should be updated to include threshold levels. It should be easier to remove a GS-09 with less than 3 years of service than, say, a GS-14 with 25 years of service. We need to apply the common sense rule -- it should not cost so much time and effort to remove a lower-graded person.

For example, a GS-15 (supervisor) and a high-step GS-14 (task lead) have spent close to a year following the process to remove a GS-09 who was given a fresh start on this, their third assignment. The supervisor has consulted with and had numerous meetings with Employee & Labor Relations specialists, with Human Capital staff, with lawyers, and with senior leadership (GS-15 and SES). The supervisor has provided training, coaching, and mentoring for the employee, and has worked through the grueling PIP creation and PIP performance tracking cycle.

The supervisor's other employees (six, and soon to be eight) have received less than optimal guidance and assistance from their supervisor due to the enormous workload involved in removing a person.

It is a big drain on morale of not only the team who is underserved by the distracted supervisor, but the organization as a whole because the unhappy GS-09 spends a lot of time bemoaning their "fate" and demoralizing others who don't realize that the employee has created the situation by not being responsible for their own performance.

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