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Streamline Telework and save energy and environment

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I suggest that all government employees asked to use Friday as the teleworking day, with the exception of public transaction services (e.g. Social Security, Veteran Benefits Service, passport service, Immigration service etc.) Presently practices teleworking of employees on random days does not save energy efficiently. HVAC and lights are on even if few people on the floor are working. If ALL employes telework on Fridays, these systems can be turned off completely and save huge amount of energy and water consumed, 1/5th of weekly consumption. Commuting will be needed and it will save commuting time, transportation fuel and cost and eliminate CO2 greenhouse gas emission. Additional benefit will be, buildings maintenance and repairs could be scheduled on Fridays and the government need not pay weekend labor rates for such work. The life of all building equipment will be increased by 20% because of not running on Friday to full capacity. Security services can be reduced from 5 days to 4 days. In the beginning the public would be inconvenienced, but in the long run they will accept the new schedule as weekends are now understood to be. The emergency services will not be impacted because those services will be provided on Fridays without any iterruption.

If we calculate the cost of energy, commuting and enhanced life cycle of equipment for a period of 10 or 15 years, the overall savings would be in Billion of dollars and greenhouse gas emission will yield additional sustainable benefit to future generations. Also, the potential savings would contribute towards deficit reduction.

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