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Executive Office of the President

Strategy to adopt open-source software

I propose that the government adopt open source software. This is similar to entries 195,556, 5520, 5521, and 13838; however, they lack a strategy to realize this goal. Here, a strategy is proposed. The main hurdles that are faced in any effort to reach this goal are

1. Security questions

2. Compatibility questions.

The main benefits of this goal are

1. Huge cost savings

2. Control over compatibility and data-retention issues.

As discussed in other proposals the amount savings would be substantial. Data-retention improvement has also been mentioned in other proposals. By adopting open-source software, the government will be able to archive application source-code ensuring that all data can be accessed in the future.

I propose that an inter-agency commission be formed to investigate the possibility of adopting open-source software. The commission should include members of the major government agencies and be chartered to develop a road-map to adopt open-source software within three years. They must provide solutions to the questions of security, data retention, compatibility across government agencies and the private sector, and software maintainability. Such a commission will keep separate agencies from expending identical resources on the same issue.

In order to encourage agencies to pursue open-source solutions, I further propose that any cost savings incurred by an agency is retained within the agency for discretionary spending purpo



Idea No. 16707