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Stopwatch Cost Waste

In the agency field inspectors regularly use stop watches to perform a variety of tasks.The pro survivor watch by accusplit is a great product but over time and because of the environment we work in they do break. When this happens most inspectors just throw them away and get another. This is a waste. The watches cost 20.00 each and come with a 5 year no proof of purchase warranty. When they break within the warranty period they can be sent in and repaired for a cost of 10.00 (half price) If we had preposted envelopes when a watch broke we could send it in to the company for repair and then it could be sent back to Beltsville to be sent out in a new order. We would save money and the action would be green because we would be putting less harmful plastics and chemicals into the environment through trash disposal. The agency is probably a very large customer of the company and it probably would take minimal effort to set somethign of this nature up with them. this would aslo apply for any other agencies that use the watches on a regular basis.



Idea No. 1899