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Stopping the wasteful use of seals bought and issued by CBP

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At present CBP buys hundreds of thousands of seals each year to be issued at each Container Examination Station (CES) across the country. Prior to this taking place the seals that were used were those that the CES themselves bought and put on the containers once Customs Inspectors cleared the freight. The seals used by CES's are also stainless steel bolts. According to CBP someone came up with the great idea that it would be more secure if CBP issued our own seals. It is not. Those seals can be cut just as easily as the others that were put on by the CES's. The seals issued by the CES's can be tracked just as easily as the present CBP seals as they also have an alpha numeric number on them. Given our countrys present economic situation, it would seem to me this needless and wastefull spending of hundreds of thousands of dollars on seals issued by CBP should be stopped. Let the CES's buy the seals and the officers record those seal numbers as we do now with the CBP Seals. At present the CBP seals are not followed up once they leave the CES, so what is the point? Customs and border Protection's issuing of seals is an extremely wasteful and unnecessary use of government funds.

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