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Stop unnecessary use of overnight & 2nd day mailings

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There should be some sort of guidlines about what type of shipping is to be used when sending mail from one office to another within our agency or even outside the agency and I would suspect other agencies & departments. In the USFS many offices are just not in a "next day" location but yet we still utilize next day or express knowing it will take at least two days to get to it's destination. I can fully understand that there are some documents or items that need quick posting, however I'm sure there are many occassions when what one person sees as something that needs next day shipping, that same item will just end up sitting on the receiving desk for days. Even these companies will tell you that next day is not guaranteed for the most part.


For example to overnight a letter size envelope with UPS just within the state (CA in this case) runs approximately $35.21; 2nd day is $15.97; Ground is $8.52 and that same envelope thru the USPS is around $1.28 regular mail and $8.30 USPS express. My experience is that shipping with US Post Office within state will get the item to any office within 2-3 days, if not sooner depending on location. Even across the country 3-5 days.


If just 100,000 employees ship one envelope via next day service thru UPS that costs the government roughly 3.5 million dollars a year. If that same envelope was shipped thru the regular mail - express would costy approximaltely 1.8 million dollars and regular rate it would cost $128,000, that's a potential savings of up to roughly 3.3 million dollars. If you make that number 1 million envelopes sent via regular mail versus an overnight service that could lead to a potential savings of roughly 35.2 million dollars. These numbers don't include larger packages, boxes, etc. Leading to even more savings for the government and agencies overall.


Next time you send a package, ask yourself if it really needs the more expensive shipping.

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