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Stop the repetitive "do-overs" for Personnel actions

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The president announced that the hiring time for federal employees needed to be reduced - so Air Force Personnel Center now maintains metrics stating that they have no RPA's for hiring open more than 50 days... Unfortunately, they are skewing the metrics to meet the Presidential mandate but not actually accomplishing the hiring within the 80-90 day limit set by the President.

What is actually happening is that a supervisor submits the RPA, it goes to the personnellist on the base to work, they fix whatever is wrong with it and send it to Air Force Manpower Agency (AFMA). AFMA then works it for a period of time (weeks to months), once they are done with their work, they send it to AFPC. AFPC then closes the RPA if it is over 50 days old and the supervisor is required to resubmit. Of course since AFMA already classified it, the 2nd time through AFMA it will only take a couple weeks and AFPC will typically receive it within the 50 day window. What happens if they don’t, they close it again and starts over a third time.

I challenge them to review how many RPA’s they are closing with no action – rather than how many they are closing at the 50 day mark. The intent of the mandate was to reduce the hiring time, not to double/triple/quadruple the workload for supervisors , but that is what has happened.

Since AFMA and AFPC have 10 day limits for each person to work an action, how about reducing the number of people involved, reducing the number of days each person has to work an RPA, or giving some of the people back to the bases and letting them work most of this at the base level – where they understand the mission and the priorities of the base, rather than closing multiple RPA’s at AFPC over and over again until positions are deleted because they are impossible to get filled.

AFPC and AFMA have figured out how to “meet” the letter of the Presidential mandate but not the intent, and I believe other agencies are probably experiencing the same problems.

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