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Stop teaching bad habits

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The federal government is being a bad parent. It sets policies and then does nothing to enforce the opposite from happening. For example, we are told that we need to be more sustainable by demolishing facilities that are utility and maintenance wastes, so that we can control our long term costs. The policies match this thinking. The problem comes in when the decision to demolish the buildings is put off for another person in the future to make and there is not enough money to pay the utility bills on the building. You would think this would cause management to act and actually make the hard decisions of which facilities need to go. Instead, mommy government provides tons of year-end funds (at least recently) to cover all the utilities that were not paid and helps to perpetuate poor planning, decreased management responsibility, and higher future costs. It is better parenting to let your children know reality so they can be prepared than to cause their demise when real trouble arrives and they are waiting for the bail out. Save manpower, money, and morale by being a good federal parent and consciously making decisions that encourage correct behavior for the long term.

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