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Stop sending SSI incentive payments to penal institutions

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Use those funds to decrease the deficit. Stop sending incentive payments to jails and prisons to report there incarceration to Social Security to stop their payments. It should be the law that this should be done without a payments being sent. I have read that jails or prisons do not report what the incentive payments are used for. Aren't our tax dollars enough? For each prisoner the prisons receive from $400.00 to $200.00 depending how soon they are reported. We should also make prisons with overpayments pay something if they are working in jail or on a release work progam. At least $5.00 a month. The laws have changed that victims are notified of the prisoners incarceration and most definitely if they are released. We are all victims when prisoners are incarcerated. Our tax dollars are being used to care for these degenerates.

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