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Social Security Administration

Stop rewarding employees for longevity!

The government publishes publications (OASIS) rewarding employees that have 40, 50 even 60 years of service. Although this is a nice gesture, in all honesty, the majority of these employees are no longer effective nor productive. The printing of the magazine is a tremendous waste at the very least, they should have it electronically available. Day after day several of us new employees watch how some of these employees wheel themselves in at 6am, read their papers, go out to get a breakfast, take long lunches and then leave promptly at 2:30. Taking with them HUGE paychecks because of the lenght of time they have in service. Management does little if anything to provide work because they know it is no use. Why is government publishing annual award magazines highlighting these employees? And spending unnecessary resources rewarding them? It doesn't make much sense to reward employees that are no longer productive nor effective.



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