Department of Homeland Security

Stop producing Flood Maps and provide layers to Internet Mappers

FEMA could investigate getting out of the mapping business, and perhaps, instead, FEMA could provide digital overlays to Google Maps, Zillow, Bing Maps, and others, instead of hosting huge map databases themselves at various States and the FEMA Map Service Center. There would be some changes in the Regulations and perhaps the laws to make this happen, but this isn’t rocket science.

Make it easy for Internet users of these websites to click a box to turn on the ‘flood layer’ and see the regulatory floodplains in areas that they may be browsing or looking for a house. Ohh! I will have to buy flood insurance! Ouch! Ka ching!

Let’s put the flood hazard data right under people’s noses, where they need it, and save taxpayer dollars at the same time! Duh!

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