Department of Transportation

Stop printing out our names!! And the Use of Printing Quotas

Every time I passed by the recycling bin next to the office printer, I often see piles of paper in there that are not documents from work but rather the pages with people’s name and the document’s title. This is such a waste of ink and paper because most people just throw them away. I suggest adding an option as we print from the computer where we can choose whether we want that first page of our name and document’s title printed out, which can save paper and ink and of course money spent on those two.


In addition, I suggest a implementation of monthly printing quota, which can help us to make better choice on what need to be printed out and what don’t really need to so that less printouts would end up in the trash can. It can also reduce the money spent on printing (including ink and paper) and delegate that money to where it really needs.



Idea No. 3354