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Stop printing Space Utilization Handbooks...transition to an APP

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NASA prints annual reports of 'space utilization'. these books, (just the one for Wallops, a small facility, are hundreds of pages) are not only wasteful of paper, they are not as useful as they could be. This is because, even if only printed when needed, no one would carry them around. I propose that we eliminate the routine printing of these books, which consist of exhaustively detailed diagrams of buildings. Instead, these diagrams and descriptions, which are already in PDF format, should be retained in PDF and made accessible electronically, with a password for security reasons, by computer, and even better, via an APP for iPhone/Android phones. this would allow users to answer questions as they arise regarding the availability or utility of building spaces on their facilities. The APP development might seem a hurdle, but my daughter, an undergraduate student, completed this kind of APP for her college (Virginia Tech) in less than one semester. I am sure this can be managed and would not only save money on printing/paper but would increase productivity of the workforce.

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