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Department of Defense

Stop moving Air Assets from base to base

The Department of Defense has spent millions of dollars setting Holloman AFB up to fly the F-22. In the next year or so they are moving to Tyndall AFB, where they will need a lot more maintenance due to the salt water humid environment. Temporarily moving in F-16 just to move them back out later if we get the F-35 when it comes on line. This is a total waste of money, and will cost even more money since Tyndall is not set up for the F-22 and will need extensive construction and increase in Hundreds of millions in Aircraft Maintenance. These decisions are politically based since they don’t make financial since or increase any combat ability for the Air Force. Stop moving different airframes around just because it may be good for the economy in one area. The greater good would be to save the Billions of dollars in re-organization and actually spend some of that money on equipment and training while reducing the deficit with the rest.



Idea No. 5410