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Department of Defense

Stop military units from wasting their annual funds.

Near the end of every fiscal year, many military units will push to spend the last of the year's funds. Sometimes this push is fully justified as the unit purchases much needed items. However, in many cases, the unit will unnecessarily spend the funds because: 1) not spending all their funds can result in them getting a smaller budget next year, 2) there is no reward for many of these units to save money, and 3) the combination of spending less (which means getting less) and/or being given less funds the follownig year can be bad for unit morale.


Even though there's a war in progress, this culture needs to change. Units which really need to spend their entire budget (especially for war critical items) should not be discouraged from spending the money. However, those units which do not legitimately need to spend their entire budget should be encouraged to save some of the money.


This could be encourage in the following ways:

1) Awards/Recognition for units which save money.

2) If a unit doesn't spend their entire budget one year, don't punish them with a smaller budget the following year.

3) Training and emphasis by the military's senior leadership on the importance/value of saving money in this time of fiscal constraint.

4) Awards/recognition for those inside DoD who come up with ways their service/organization can save money.


Everybody knows the budget needs to be cut, but everybody, down to the sailor, airman, soldier, and marine on the ground needs to play a role in this. There are plenty of intelligent service members in the military who can help the senior leadership save money in DoD. However, the current culture in many units doesn't support saving money. That needs to change.



Idea No. 4874