Department of Agriculture

Stop giving GS-11's and higher large cash awards at this time

Currently, 1% of a National Forest in a region is allotted very large cash bonus awards for higher GS level employees. A GS-11 or higher could actually get $1000-1500 in one award. Either stop this large amount entirely or reduce it to no more than $100 per award during this economic crisis.


On the same note, raise the taxes on GS-11s and higher AND/OR just allow GS-9's and lower to have their COLA back. The cost of living prices keep increasing, but the paycheck has not so us lower GS levels are suffering badly while doing the jobs of 2 or 3 people. That only makes productivety suffer.


Everytime some cut is made to a federal employee across the board, the higher GS levels still find a loophole to make more money, but then let the lower GS level "worker bees" suffer. This does not help servce the public better.



Idea No. 15885