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Stop flushing urinals! Seriously!

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This isn't really a call to change any government policy...more of a call for common sense among my fellow environmentally-conscious men.


My humble suggestion is that men should stop flushing urinals after every single trip to the bathroom. Too often I see people go for literally three seconds and then press the lever. It's an epic waste of water and an enduring pet peeve of mine, but it's not like I can give offenders a lecture about it. That would be weird. So here I am typing this.


For standard toilets I can see the argument for flushing. Splashing can be pretty disgusting if the water is anything less than pristine. But a urinal? Aside from leaning in and giving it a good sniff, would you even be able to tell if the person before you had flushed it? Think about it.


If the urinal is really disgusting or is starting to smell bad, then fine. Flush away. Otherwise what's the point? Its more convenient to not flush and there are little if any consequences to it. And do you really want to increase your risk of contracting man-germs from touching that lever anyway? Remember, the flushing occurs AFTER the business is done but BEFORE anyone washes their hands. Think about that.


I don't expect many people to read this, but if this somehow convinced a few people to change their habits I might sleep a little better at night. Yes I have strange dreams, so sue me.

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