Department of Defense

Stop Waste Spending (Landscaping, Large TVs, Construction Projec

Spend money towards defense instead of no value added spending. Billions are being spent across DoD on unnecessary landscaping, flat screen TV’s, construction projects, etc… Create a culture were saving money is a priority instead of spending. First, visit several installations identifying wasteful spending habits (i.e. landscaping, large flat screen televisions, not needed computers, not needed construction). Many installations spend lots of money on landscaping which leads to high maintenance cost. Additionally, support agencies use computers to sign in and have large screen television(s) in the waiting room(s). Some places even have t.v(s). in the hall way only flashing slide shows. Research cost versus acceptable risk before spending money on security measures (i.e. bollards, fences, i.e.). Instead of construction projects, use natural barriers like large rocks and/or hills for ramming defense. Second, make it harder to fund those projects or purchases. Third, enhance the military promotion and award system to promote those who implement processes and programs saving large amounts of money. Basically, start a “We don’t need that to fight a war or defend our country campaign”.

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