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Department of Justice

Stop Voter Fraud (Felons, Illegal Aliens, Deceased, etc)

Require Federal and State agencies make use of the Social Security Administration “Federal Benefit/Prisoner Data Exchange System” to enforce voter fraud laws.

(1) Provide SSA with prisoner information necessary for determining voting eligibility such as, convicted felons (imprisoned or, released on parole or probation), illegal aliens, deceased persons, fraudulent voter registration.

(2) Require States and voting authorities to:

(a) access the SSA prisoner system routinely and in a manner that is timely for ensuring the voting eligibility of each registered voter prior to all election processes;

(b) provide each fiscal year an accounting to the Federal Election Commission and to the Office of the President to include, but not be limited to:

> total number of voters registered;

> total number of registered voters that were validated against SSA prisoner system;

> total number of validated registered voters determined eligible to vote;

> total number of validated registered voters determined ineligible to vote;

> disclosure of each State and voting authority accounting to a public website, such as



Idea No. 15302