Environmental Protection Agency

Stop Travel Waste: Video Conferencing

Currently, the US EPA, Office of Research and Development, wastes millions of dollars in travel support for meetings and training that could be easily performed using video conferencing technologies. To date, ORD has already saved millions of dollars by using video conference facilities located throughout its campuses at HQ and Research Triangle Park and remote locations.


The problem is that more money could be saved if the ORD Office of Science Information Management purchased and deployed video conference units to individual employees desks. The hardware and software technology exists to have webcams attached to employee computers that hook into our Tanberg Video Conference network. Today, an HD webcam that works with this technology can be acquired on the open market for less than $40/employee. The license for each employee can be acquired from Cisco to run the Tanberg at each computer for significantly less than it costs for an employee in Research Triangle Park, NC to travel to DC for a one day IRIS briefing (one night hotel at government rates + per diem).



Idea No. 15243