Social Security Administration

Stop Supporting Illegals

Government spends billions of dollars a year on Border Patrol to secure our borders. Yet, the same Government welcomes and supports illegals with food stamps, housing, and FREE medical care. Do the math Washington!!!


Procedure for Illegals:

1. Doctors send all illegals to Social Security to apply for SSI /disability. ALL the family lives on SSI for 18 years.

2. Disabled child gets married have children at 16 years old and returns to Social Security for SSI and a new welfare cycle has begun!!!

3. Food, housing, medical, and $674 of tax free money is given to them.

Then illegals sell cars or do yardwork and once again tax free money to spend on luxury cars and expensive clothes.

Government should have Social Security administer the SSI for children with illegal parents. Reduce the SSI check to $100 per month. Eliminate adhd/slow learner as a disability.



Idea No. 7546