Social Security Administration

Stop Selling Soda and Junk Food in Federal Buildings

Similar to Michelle Obama's push for getting schools to provide healthier eating options to children, the federal government should also promote good nutrition by limiting the availability of unhealthy food in federal facilities. For example, vending machines would no longer offer sugary drinks or other types of junk food such as candy bars and potato chips, which would be replaced with healthier items. Those who wish to consume unhealthy food while at work would simply have to bring their own. I do not see that as a significant burden.


Implementing this idea would improve the health and well-being of federal workers, contractors, and any members of the public who frequent federal buildings. By improving the eating habits of potentially millions of people, this idea would generate significant healthcare-related savings over time. Improved health across the federal workforce could result in increased productivity and hence additional efficiency-related cost savings as well.



Idea No. 8040