Social Security Administration

Stop Printing Brochures for Programs Replace with Kiosk

Every year there are hundreds of different brochures printed. Most of them sit in the lobby or storage closet until they expire or are replaced. We print brochures in many languages, so each one is a duplicate.

In order to ensure that we have enough material for the public at large, we generally keep more than necessary in the office. When a programmatic change occurs, we discard the old (usually in bulk) and replace with new.

My proposal is to stop printing the brochures. The empty racks could be replaced with a self-serve kiosk. Only the brochures requested by the public will be printed.

This procedure would reduce the excess waste, save money, and make the brochures easy to find.

1) Reduces clutter in the office lobby

2) Unused brochures are thrown out and added to landfills.

3) Millions of dollars are spent each year printing materials that discarded unnecessarily

4) Shipping these printed materials is expensive and bulky

5) Storage is required to keep all of the materials that are sent in bulk.

A kiosk provides all the required information and the ability to print, “As needed” in the language that is needed. This move would save paper, money, refuse, and the time necessary each day to arrange, distribute and tidy up the brochure display.



Idea No. 9759