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Social Security Administration

Stop Paying Federal Benefits to Inmates

Ensure Federal Benefits Are Not Paid to Ineligible Incarcerated Individuals.


To eliminate the waste of taxpayer money government wide and run the federal benefit programs with more efficiency and save money:

(1) Identify U.S. Federal Agencies programs that provide federal benefits, aid or entitlement programs.

(2) Determine policy requirements for benefit eligibility for individuals incarcerated in federal prisons.

(3) Agencies identified with policy requirements to suspend, reduce or eliminate federal benefits, require each federal agency to:

(a) Develop cost benefit analysis identifying potential savings;

(b) Identify method each agency uses to comply with their policy requirements (e.g., computer matching agreement, memorandum of understanding, etc.);

(c) Provide yearly accounting to Inspector General and/or GAO to include:

> method agency used to ensure compliance

> cost benefit analysis and actual savings

> total individuals whose benefits were reduced, suspended or eliminated;

> total savings realized from benefits that were reduced, suspended or eliminated;

> disclosure agency accounting to a public website, such as

(4) Identify agencies with *NO* policy requirements to suspend, reduce or eliminate federal benefits for individuals incarcerated in federal prisons:

(a) Evaluate each federal agency program to determine whether to introduce new policy requirements that define benefit/aid eligibility for individuals/beneficiaries incarcerated in federal prison.

(5) Require all Federal Agencies providing federal benefits use Social Security Administration "Federal Benefit/Prisoner Computer Data Exchange System" when determining benefit eligibility according to the agency policy requirement for individuals, or beneficiaries of individuals, incarcerated in federal prisons. The Federal Bureau of Prisons and U.S. States currently furnish SSA with inmate data that is available for use in determining benefit eligibility.



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