Department of Defense

Stop Paying Civilians to Conduct Fitness Testing

The Air Force lost faith in its NCOs a few years ago and decided it would be better off paying a legion of civilian bureaucrats to conduct the tests. Not a single one of these civilian jobs is necessary. Cut them in entirety. We're a military service and our NCOs are capable of setting, bearing, and enforcing standards. Our officers are capable of leading and using discipline where necessary to reinforce and maintain a fitness culture. The proof is right next door in the US Marine Corps: if one service is able to stay fit without bureaucrat civilians, all should be held to the same standard.


Conservatively, the Air Force could divest 600 civilian positions service-wide, at a savings of approximately $25 million per year, or $125 million over the FYDP. With this change it could also end its relationship with the contractor responsible for implementing the software solution used to track fitness results, a program which has been a failure by most objective criteria.


This would also allow the Air Force an opportunity to re-establish a trust bond with its NCO corps, which feels betrayed by the service to which it has devoted itself. By the actions of a few wayward NCO, the Air Force has engaged in institutional-scale waste in the creation of a massive fitness bureaucracy -- the time is right to forcibly end this particular pattern of waste.



Idea No. 6878