Department of Justice

Stop Mandating Outdated, Slow Telework Laptops

Recently, people who want to telework were assigned individual Dell laptops to use, rather than using a client to log in from a person computer.


I understand that this is for security purposes, but the fact is these computers are so slow and outdated that they make teleworking a waste of time. They take up to 30 minutes to turn on and connect, grind to a halt when accessing the remote desktop, and crash often.


Some people use those laptops and docking stations instead of having a desktop at work now, but these creates a lot of techincal difficulties for some reason.


People just end up doing a lot of work on their personal computer, forwarding it to their work e-mail, and then saving it on the work laptop. Doesn't this skip all of the security measures anyway?


I think it would be more cost effective to focus on secure software that could be used from everyone's personal computer rather than use these terrible laptops. Think of the waste in the cost of the laptops, man hours, and hindering telelwork (which can be so useful, it's really a shame).



Idea No. 3533