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Department of Labor

Stop Mailing of DOL Workers' Compensation Docs to Govt Agencies

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) should stop mailing carbon copies of employee claim response letters to federal agencies. Instead, they should either fax or send the letters electronically to each agency's OWCP representative. This would yield tremendous savings on postage alone. In addition, if this suggestion is implemented it also increases the efficiency and timeliness of an agency in processing and updating OWCP files for their employees.

This operation is easily concrete and quantifialbe and the benefits could be seen immediately. It acts to reduce administrative burdens on having to later file paperwork as well. With this recommendation, the electronic file copy of the letter the employee receives could quickly be placed in an employee's file within a database on each agency's OWCP representative's computer.


In addition, DOL could begin faxing documents to doctor offices, lawyers, etc. My federal agency no longer mails CA-1's and OWCP documents, but faxes them directly to our district office.



Idea No. 16171