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Stop Loss Officer for Fiscal year spending

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I have watched wasteful spending for the past 11 years. I currently work at a VA hospital and it is no different than the other places I have worked when it deals with the end of the fiscal year "rush". Say a VA hospital, just throwing a number out there to get a point across, has $100,000 left and the fiscal year is coming to an end. I have witnessed wasteful spending on desks, chairs, filing cabnets, computers and equipment that is perfectly good and will last for years to come. These items were bought just to spend the money so they don't lose it.


If each agency like the VA I work at had a Stop Loss Officer, this would solve the problem. Every request for a new desk, equipment, etc. would come across his/her desk. He/she then would inspect this device and decide if it needs replaced or not. If not, he would deny the request. When the new fiscal year hit, all the money would go back into the system and the agency wouldn't lose the next years budget. So if their budget was $1,000,000 and they had $100,000 left over, that money would go back to the treasure and the agency would recieve a new $1,000,000, but they don't get to keep that $100,000. These are just numbers thrown out there. So basically the government only issued them $900,000 and their remaining balance wouldn't be wasted.


Also this Stop Loss Officer wouldn't get any kick backs for the money he saved that agency. If he/she did then that person would just deny everything and the building would fall apart. This would insure the best interest of the building and how the money was spent.

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