Department of Justice

Stop Catering to Inmates

I am a USN Vet and a current government employee. I've provided patient care to those who endured combat, I've been a C.O., and I now work in the Pharmacy. Annually in the BOP, Health Services exceeds it's budget by thousands. We are providing inamtes with top dollar narcotics, even those with prior drug addictions, we're providing HIV meds,anywhere from $30-150 a bottle, providing injections which can be $300 just for ONE shot, and providing free health care, with tons of chronic care prescriptions. Not to mention the inmates are getting cable TV, e-mail access, hobby shops, sports, and free education. It is bothersome to have served my country, am a current employee, yet be denied my disability claim which my record provides accurate documentation of, be denied compensation for my destroyed household goods, and still be forced to take out loans and accumilate debts for an education that the government is affording its criminals for free. Why not make them work to earn their free aminities? Why not provide free education to your service members and veterans, because the reality is that once the inmate tells a prospective job that he/she is a felon, that "free" education will be worth nothing. However, an education afforded employees provides better opportunities for advancement and achievments in our perspective career fields. The issuance of psychological medications and narcotics should be closely evaluated as well, and drug addicts should automatically be denied. In the military they give Motrin, not Oxycodone. These inmates are manipulating the system to get shorter sentences and to sell their medications in house for commissary on their books. If closely evaluated, I am sure someone higher up will see a trend in increased narcotics, and psych meds. Place the focus on staff morale not catering to the inmate population (criminals). The inmates should be earning their freebees like your staff earns their paycheck. Cutback on funds for the inmates NOT your staff.



Idea No. 6163