Department of Energy

Stationary Warehouses at Federal Agencies

A Stationary Warehouse is a storeroom dedicated to the collection, storage, and redistribution of unused or lightly used stationary and other office supplies previously purchased for official government use. As envisioned, a Warehouse resides in any federal building (e.g. DOE Stationary Warehouse, FAA Stationary Warehouse) and is located near the office supply store to allow employees to easily locate and search the Warehouse prior to purchasing new materials.

This is an ideal solution for employees who are retiring, going on TDY, moving to cubicles, or otherwise vacating their position/office. It allows them to take their excess supplies to the Warehouse rather than (a) placing their items in the hall in hopes someone will pick them up, (b) taking the materials home, or (c) throwing the items away in an attempt to clear their office space.

For those in need of supplies, the Warehouse will provide a means of obtaining usable office items without incurring a cost for their organization. Enabling employees to collect what they need at no cost will save the government large sums each year in cost avoidance. Departments that adopt this model also "save" by reusing materials and reducing waste for discarded items. Additionally, clearing inventory from the Warehouse can be achieved by donating old office supplies to local public schools, community centers, adult education and employment centers, and other publicly-funded entities; again reducing waste and the costs incurred by State and Federal Governments through re-use.

A Stationary Warehouse is a low-overhead solution to waste and is inherently measurable by the reduction in supply contractor payments for supplies. With the endorsement of top-level management, thousands of federal managers and support staff could adopt the practice of checking Warehouse inventory prior to making new purchases. This resource, even if utilized at a 10-15% reuse level, could save millions per fiscal year for each Agency.



Idea No. 14392