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Standard design/construction for most government facilities

Standardize design and construction for all new nonspecialized government facilities like franchises do (e.g., Home Depot, Taco Bell, Target, etc). Design small, medium, and large facility types as needed (like State Dept). Design facility types for various climate zones and material availability (like 1940s/50s U.S. military standard designs). Pre-design with LEED-compliant construction assemblies, components, details, and equipment proven to save money over lifecycle (considering energy savings, durability, health, etc). Use prescriptive, not performance specs (as used now) to allow for mass purchase of standard construction assemblies, components, and equipment. Yes, all buildings of a type would be virtually identical from coast-to-coast (except for sitework), but this is how DoD got cost-effective and expedited facilities during wartime yesteryear and how franchises get the same today.



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