Department of Homeland Security

Standard Uniform

To provide a standard uniform appearance and utilitarian durability for routine office and field work:


Have all uniform agencies in DHS use one field type uniform (except for flight/float duty). Specifically the 5.11 design Tactical Pant and the 5.11 design polo shirt. Eliminate the, Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3 uniforms (except for supervisors/management). Law enforcement identity would be via silk screen on back and fabric badge sewn on front left with belt badge holder in front.


Reduction in cost for this change would be in the tens of millions of dollars.


Alternative: Continue to issue “required” uniforms; some of which are never worn. Field personnel are currently at a loss as to where to store all the different uniforms that the Service requires we buy with the uniform allowance.



Idea No. 2424