Department of Defense

Spread Democracy by using our own people

We spend trillions of dollars fighting countries that abuse their people and are against democracy. This is long-term planning so bear with me.


Identify naturalized US members from our different US military and civilian organizations and groom them and mentor them to be leaders to the level of Presidential candidacy in their countries of origin.


For example. A US Air Force officer originally born and raised in Ecuador who is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese and familiar in culture, at the time of retirement, could potentially become a Presidential candidate in Ecuador. With enough guidance and finalcial backing, chances are he gets elected to be the next President of Ecuador. Being a retired officer carries Air Force core values of integrity, service, and excellence. With new allies in many possible countries, US presence would increase and spread our values and ultimately decrease our war spending.


The example above would solve having had to leave our military presence in Manta FOL over 10 years ago. It would have avoided having our US Embassador leave Ecuador as persona non grata because the Rafael Correa came up with a useless excuse to make her leave the country. The same could be avoided if we had representatives in Venezuela, Bolivia, Argentina, and Brazil. Chavez seems to have more influence than what is desired.


If this program covered countries in the Middle East and Russia, perhaps we would have a better opportunity at reaching China and North Korea. We have our resources available because we have people from all over the world serving in the US, we just need to tap and exploit new opportunities.

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