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DHS needs to promote FEMA services better in areas hit by disasters. As someone who has lived through several, I have seen taxpayers pay twice for items because they were not aware. This partial listing below was in regards to people in Downers Grove IL but I have seen it in MS and LA.

Number 10: I didn’t know there was any assistance available for the (July 19 to Aug. 7) flooding.

Number 9: I thought the assistance was welfare and I wouldn’t qualify.

Number 7: I thought any assistance would be taxable or affect my Social Security payments.

Number 6: I thought you couldn’t apply if you have already cleaned up and made the repairs.

Number 5: I thought you could only receive a loan … and I don’t want a loan.


Number 3: I thought renters couldn’t get assistance, just homeowners.

Number 2: I thought if you had insurance (a sewer back-up rider) you couldn’t apply.


And the Number 1 Reason is:


I thought I applied months ago when I reported my damages to local officials or filled out a form for my county.



Reasons 6,5, & 1 have caused people to pay twice after disasters. 1st as taxpayers and then directly out of their pockets for items covered by FEMA.

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